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Sewing Machine Repair

Our excellent service department will take great care of your machine!  We service all makes and models.

When having your machine serviced, we need you to bring in the following items:
  • Machine, power cord and foot control
  • Multi-purpose presser foot to sew zigzags
  • Bobbin, wound with thread
  • Bobbin case
  • Spool cap
  • List of issues you are experiencing
  • Stitch-out examples showing issues
  • Thread and fabric used when the issue occurred
  • Any other feet or accessories that are needed to test out issues you've experienced
In addition, if you are having your embroidery machine/unit serviced, we will also need the embroidery foot.

All other accessories can remain safely with you.

Machine Tune-up & Preventive Maintenance:
Mechanical Machines from $89.99
Electronics, Sergers and Computerized Machines from $99.99
Embroidery Units from $40.00

When servicing your machine, we reserve the right to increase your estimate by up to $30 for any additional and necessary parts and labor without prior authorization.  If parts and labor exceed the additional $30, we will contact you for approval.  This simply allows our service technicians to continue working on your machine while it is open on the bench, which helps us service your machine and get it back to you sooner.  

$40 deposit due upon machine check-in.