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Curvy Log Cabin - Trim the Tree

Grab your reds and greens for a fun curvy log cabin that’s sure to be your holiday centerpiece!

Learn how to make a curvy log cabin quilt by making a colorful pine tree quilt for the holidays! We will create several color variations of both the curvy log cabin and traditional log cabin blocks. We will then piece the blocks together to create our pine tree quilts. You'll enjoy using both log cabin rulers time and again. Once you've made a curvy log cabin quilt, we're sure you'll want to make more!
Cost: $ 37.37
Skill Level:beginner
Skill Details:If you can sew a 1/4" seam, you can make a curvy log cabin quilt. No nesting seams, matching seams, or points to match. Choose your favorite pine tree colors and join us!