Heirloom French Lace Techniques


Heirloom sewing is making a comeback in children’s dresses and Women’s garments.  With a few new skills, you can add these beautiful details to your sewing repertoire.


This lecture demonstration class assumes the student has prior construction knowledge, including attaching a gathered skirt, basic seams, pressing and following simple pattern instructions.  The student will learn how to connect French laces together, insert them into a yoke or skirt and attach edging to skirt hems.  There are no sleeves on this child’s dress as it can be worn more easily with a sweater for all seasons.  The techniques learned in this class can easily be applied to a ladies’ blouse, or a christening gown if the student has garment construction knowledge.


The basic yoke dress pattern and printed instructions are included in this class.  The student will have teacher guidance about choosing fabric, French laces and other necessary tools for this type of sewing.  These purchases will be made during the class.


After the demonstration portion of the class, students can practice on their own machines, with the teacher’s help.  This is a three hour class, both demonstration and hands on.

Cost: $ 37.36
Skill Level:Level 2
Materials Included:Pattern provide by instructor in class
Instructor:Carolyn Sheron