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Solstice Quilt Along
Just getting started? 
Initial instructions are at the bottom of the page.

Block D

Are you ready for some flying geese? 

For this block, you will need several sets of flying geese. The pattern instructs you to create these using the stitch-and-flip method. When using this method to create flying geese (and the ‘red’ sashing pieces), I always recommend stitching a thread or two outside the line drawn corner to corner. This allows a little wiggle room when pressing to make your pieces perfect.

Just like in Block C, cut your HSTs at 3 1/4" to allow yourself to trim down.

When putting your block together, pressing may be difficult. Once I had my whole block together, I used best press to get everything to lay as flat as possible. Be careful pressing! It's easy to flip your seams on this one, so take some extra precaution.

Happy Quilting!

Block C

For Block C today we’re making some full QSTs, along with those familiar four patches. 

To make these traditional QSTs, we are going to create HSTs using the method from Block A, starting with squares measuring 5 1/2”. After these are sewn together and pressed, we are going to put two HSTs together and repeat the HST process to create QSTs. 

The rest of the block is comprised of sashing and a center square, and HST cornerstones. These cornerstones are going to finish at 2", so I started with 3 1/4" squares to leave myself room to trim down. 

Happy Quilting! 

Block B

Block B is remarkably similar to Block A, so this should go pretty quickly! 

We have the same units as before - four patches in the corners, HSTs on the edges, and QST combo units in the center. 

The main differences between between A and B are:
  • Use your medium background (Tan in the pattern) in the Four Patch units
  • The HSTs use only the light background, and are oriented around the center to create a different look. Pay attention to the pattern when putting the block together! 
  • The QST combo units use three colors instead of two, so go ahead and choose some fun colors to incorporate into the center of the block! 
Remember, make your units larger and trim them to 4 1/2" once they are put together. This is how I get my points to come together so nicely. 

Block A

Make sure you’ve seen my cutting notes above before starting! Having that extra wiggle room to trim down your HSTs and QSTs can make all the difference. 

I also found it helpful to write down which colors I was substituting for the colors listed in the pattern. 

Now to sewing… 

  1. Make your four patches as shown in the pattern. Remember to fan your seams! 

  2. Make your HSTs. 

    1. Draw a line on the wrong side of your background square, corner to corner. Put right sides together and sew a ¼” from the line on both sides of the line. 

    2. Cut apart on the line and press. 

    3. Trim to 4 ½”

    4. Follow the pattern to put the HST units together. 

  3. Make the QST combo units. 

    1. You’ll see in my cutting instructions that I didn’t cut apart my squares for these units initially (we don’t want bias edges hanging around!). You will need to cut them apart now. 

    2. Put the combo units together as indicated in the pattern. 

    3. Remember to trim your units to 4 ½” before putting your block together 

  4. Put your block together! 

Happy sewing! 

Solstice Quilt along - cutting instructions

A couple quick notes on cutting instructions: 
  • Please read all instructions in the pattern before doing any cutting
  • In my examples, I will be modifying the way the pattern creates half square triangles (HSTs) and quarter square triangles (QSTs) - I cut squares for HSTs at 5 1/4” where it says 4 7/8”, and 3 1/4” where it says 2 7/8”. QSTs are cut at 5 1/2” (or larger if you wish). These increases are so when the unit is put together, it can be trimmed down. 
  • Personally, I like to cut everything ahead of time, so I’ll be cutting all of my background squares and rectangles before putting any blocks together. 

Solstice Quilt Along - Getting Started

Hi Everyone! 

I hope you’re all doing well during this corona outbreak. I’m bringing you this quilt along to give you another project you can do from the safety of your own sewing room. 

The pattern we’ll be working with is Solstice by Kate Spain. This is a free pattern that you can download here or from Moda’s free pattern page

What you’ll need: 


Fat quarters - 12 or more.

Light Background - 2 ½ yards

Medium Background - ⅝ yards

Border 1&2 - ⅝ yards EACH

Binding - ⅝ yard


Rotary cutter & rulers (I use a 6”x24” & 6 ½” square)

Pressing materials (best press, etc)

Sewing machine & neutral thread

That’s it! 

The pattern shows the quilt put together in Christmas colors. I chose batiks in aqua, green & yellow. 

When choosing fabrics, keep in mind that you want a good amount of contrast to make the blocks stand out. 

Also keep in mind that most of the pieces in the quilt are 4” or smaller (finished), so very large prints won’t show up well in the blocks - save those prints for your border! 

You can follow along on facebook and instagram as well - you’ll find photos and videos there as we get this project going!